The Legendary Card Collection

A card collection which celebrates and amplifies the stories and contributions of Black, Indigenous, Women of Color (BIWoC) in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields (STEM). Each card features a prompt for critical reflection, encouraging us to seek and embody equity in our everyday lives.

Who Can Learn From The Legendary Collection?


With the inclusion of The Legendary deck, corporate groups can engage in informative and engaging activities that assist in the creation of a workplace that centers the advancement of racial and gender equity. ​


The nation’s youth deserves to learn about the many figures that have been erased out of history books and unaccredited for their achievements in STEM. Teachers can incorporate the legendary deck into their curriculum and use the legendary deck as a supplement for their classroom activities. ​


Living in a fast-paced world where it is the norm to find each other juggling work, family and a myriad of other commitments The Legendary’s 11 reflection cards can help recenter your positionally and think critically about race, adversity and the challenges that underrepresented women face.​


Our social settings are crucial to the sharing of ideas and knowledge. We can make significant progress for the inclusion of marginalized peoples in industries and spaces they have historically been left out from by starting conversations at home and with our social circle​

What’s in the Legendary Collection?

Beautiful Artworks of Women In STEM!

The legendary women we pay tribute to are depicted in bold, artisanal illustrations. We feature striking colors and captivating art styles to reflect the brilliant feats these women have accomplished.


Through Legendary, we acknowledge and celebrate the nuanced journeys that BIWoC face when navigating STEM fields due to their intersectional identities. We’re highlighting both the feats and challenges our featured legendary women face in hopes to change the narrative of who belongs in STEM.

Prompts for critical reflection

Our Legendary collection features opportunities for readers to think critically about their own lives, and the environments that surround them.

A Look at Some of the Amazing Women Featured!