Legendary Card Collection

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Legendary showcases the brilliant, nuanced, yet under-recognized contributions of women, primarily Black, and Indigenous Women of Color (BIWoC), in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Our 56-card collection presents each of these women’s legendary stories with an artisanal portrait, an encapsulation of their STEM journey, and prompts designed for critical self-reflection.
These women pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo with bold thinking and innovation, inspiring our world to reconsider what our futures can hold.

Join us in learning how these women reshape the narrative of who belongs in STEM, and who we call an innovator, a leader, and a legend.

Box Includes:
  • 41 Legendary Women Cards (3.5″ x 5.75″)
  • 11 Question Cards
  • 4 Intention Cards




Corporate Settings:

During training, people in charge of orientation and on-boarding requirements can include the Legendary deck by assigning the trainees to read over some of the biographies and respond to the questions that are attached. The Legendary deck is recommended for everyone at different levels of the company. Hosting this activity as a group can be more beneficial as sharing out loud thoughts and opinions can broaden perspectives. Some additional questions to consider for this specific setting include:

    • How do you think these women’s experiences relate to you?
    • What are some of the challenges that marginalized groups still face to this day in these industries and spaces?
    • How can this company alleviate some of the adversity and challenges faced by underrepresented groups in our company?


Classroom Settings:

Hand out every student a card and ask them to read over it. Once everyone has read, ask for each student to provide a brief summary of what they read. Once everyone has shared out loud feel free to use to following discussion questions or make up your own:

    • What are some of the similarities and differences you notice between the women we learned about?
    • How do you think you are similar to the women celebrated on the deck?
    • What are some of the challenges they encountered? Do these challenges still happen today? How or how not?


Social Settings:

By using the Legendary deck you can spark conversations and debates that will direct people to become more comfortable speaking on such topics. Whenever you are hosting a social event with your family or close group of friends, think about bringing out The Legendary deck so that more people can not only become more familiar with the stories of these extraordinary women but also learn about the challenges that they faced.


Personal Settings:

By using these reflection cards you can take back time for yourself and utilize it in a way to craft your own sense-making. At the end of the day when you are winding down or whenever you have 10 minutes for yourself engage in calming breathing exercises or anything that helps you relax and disconnect. Once you have done your relaxation activity, read over the reflection cards and think about how they relate to you. Sit with your thoughts and consider journaling and coming back to these pages to see how your thoughts and ideas have changed overtime.

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  1. makenagroup

    These cards were great! I loved learning about the WOMEN in STEM that have made these things possible!!

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