Advancing Equity In STEM

Recalibrating inclusivity in STEM fields by showcasing the work of brilliant women and BIPoC

Centering BIPoC and Women in STEM

Represented Collective is focused on advancing gender and racial equity within the STEM fields through thoughtfully made campaigns and educational products. 

As Seen In

Changing The Narrative

Legendary BIWoC in STEM

We develop thoughtfully-designed materials that help you rethink representations in STEM.

Represented Collective products stimulate meaningful discussions at home, with friends in the classroom, and at the workplace. 

We designed the legendary card collection to invite readers to the stories of brilliant but under-recognized women in STEM. 

Meaningful Experiences

Harnessing Our Collective Convictions

We plan and produce events that bring the conversation around equity in STEM into new spaces with wider audiences.

Our campaigns develop tangible ways to move intentions forward and make change according to the expertise of women and BIPOC leaders in these fields.

We design experiences that invite professionals, C-suite leaders, and community members to dialogue and change the narrative of who belongs in STEM.

"No one wants to go in an environment where their contributions aren't going to be welcomed. We want to create an environment where people can grow." - Winnie Karanja

Our Award Winning Children Collection

Nakira's World

STEM play without bounds

The Nakira’s World Decoder Puzzles Collection follow Nakira and her friends at the market interacting with the environment and exploring new foods; and on a nature hike discovering the plants and animals around them. 

Each 54-piece puzzle comes with cool decoder glasses to find the secrets hidden in the puzzles, and a companion booklet with vocabulary  and illustrations to support literacy skills.

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